April 10, 2017
Launch of new Hypor Libra at successful Japan seminar

More than 300 pork producers and industry professionals attended the Hypor Japan seminar in Tokyo and Kagoshima on February 7 and 9.
These seminars are part of the launch of the new Hypor sow: the Hypor Libra.
"The seminars were very successful," Hypor's area manager of Asia Geert Rutten said, Attendees gleaned management tips as well as learned what to expect over the next five years from the new Hypor Libra sow.
The Hypor Libra is a strong fit for the Japanese pork market because it is the world's most 'prolificient' sow, Hypor says. "She is both prolific and efficient," the company adds.
Japan has one of the highest feed costs in the world - around 70% of the total cost of production. The Hypor Libra balances a high daily gain with a low feed-conversion-ratio (FCR) to help producers bring in a higher profit.
"With the Hypor Libra, our customers in Japan, and around the world, can expect to see an efficient sow, that will seriously increase piglet production per year as well as per lifetime," Rutten explained. "She is the sow of the future."

The Hypor Libra is the culmination of genetics from the Hypor Large White and the Hypor Landrace+++ (a combination of the top three Landrace sub-populations in prolificacy, leanness, weaning capacity and longevity).
The Hypor Libra brings more genetic progress to the producer and makes reaching total-system-profitability attainable.
In addition to launching the Hypor Libra, the seminars featured presentations from Dr. Hazime Kazi on how to improve sow management and performance, a presentation from Endo on Japan's 2016 benchmark data and a presentation from Kawaga Farm that showed how they achieved over 31 uniform quality weaned piglets per sow yearly through good management.
Hypor Japan is a division of PriFoods, which is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. ltd. Hypor has partnered with Hypor Japan for more than 35 years to deliver quality genetics, such as the Hypor AB terminal boar-a market leader in Japan.
"Our products fulfill the demands of the market for the dam line as well as the sire line," Rutten says. "With quality products, like the Hypor Libra sow and the Hypor AB boar, pork producers are able to reach for the stars."

- Hypor

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