April 8, 2020


Brazil's March poultry exports up 2.6% on-year



Brazil's poultry exports in March totalled to 349,500 tonnes up 2.6% on-year, including raw and processed items, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) reported last Friday.


The amount is up 2.6% from 340,500 tonnes in March 2019. Revenue was down 1.7% to US$552.2 million.


Q1 2020 saw 1.021 million tonnes exported, up 8.8% on-year. Q1 revenue was down 6% to US$1.635 billion.


"Despite the impact from COVID-19, the industry keeps playing its strategic role of ensuring food security for people in Brazil and several countries around the world, many of which are struggling with the pandemic at this time," ABPA chairman Francisco Turra stated.