April 8, 2016


Norway approves world's first automated open-water aquaculture site


The world's first automated open-concept aquaculture facility will be built following approval by Norway's Ministry of Trade and Fisheries.


The new facility is a submerged and anchored platform which floats in the open oceanic water and suitable for water depths of 100 to 300 meters. Such depths are optimal for fish to be reared under "more ideal" aqua biological environment.


By establishing in deep waters further from the coast, the facility will offer some advantages over inland fish farming.  Steady currents that could curb infections from sea lice is one such perk.


Additionally, the facility can operated with just three to four people as well as being remotely operated.


The Ocean Farming site – located outside Trondheim - is also the first in the world to converge marine engineering, marine cybernetics and marine biology through a 'big data' implementation. The setup involves underwater sensors and will thus enable decision support systems to control and monitor salmon feeding and environmental conditions.


Kongsberg, a turnkey supplier, will provide technology integration and EIT engineering services, including delivery and installation of the gensets and aqualight systems, to the project.


"The Ocean Farming facility introduces a paradigm shift in salmon farming now, and other fish types in the future," said Kongsberg Maritime's president, Egil Haugsdal. "With greater focus on biology and nurturing healthier fish, the concept delivers significantly improved yields that will prove important in the decades to come as part of Norway's strategy to leverage its aquaculture and offshore expertise to meet the challenges of accelerating population growth and the pressures this places on the world's food supply chain."

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