April 7, 2021


Taiwan tests swine herds after dead pig with African swine fever washed ashore


The Taiwan government said it has begun testing swine herds for African swine fever (ASF) and implement movement controls near an area where a dead pig with ASF washed ashore, Reuters reported.


Chen Chi-chung, Council of Agriculture Minister, said the dead pig washed ashore on April 6 in northern Taiwan and was confirmed to have ASF the next day, adding that it has the same virus strain as the one circulating in China.


11 swine farms with 2,719 swine within a 10km radius of where the dead pig was found have had movement restrictions implemented, including farm workers and vehicles.


Chen said they are conducting ASF tests on all nearby swine, and mandating all slaughterhouse veterinarians in Taiwan to improve pre- and post-mortem inspections.


Dead, ASF infected swine have washed ashore on Taiwan controlled islands next to China, but this is the first time a dead pig with ASF washed ashore on Taiwan mainland.


Chen said the coast guard has been tasked to step up patrols to prevent dead swine from floating to Taiwan.


- Reuters