April 7, 2021


Penang, Malaysia proposal to transform street market into hi-tech poultry slaughterhouse


Loke Poh Chye, Tanjung, Penang MCA division chairman, has proposed the George Town street market be transformed into hi-tech poultry slaughterhouse for Penang state, The Star Malaysia reported.


Loke said the move will help meet demand for fresh poultry on the state without adding additional costs to traders as there are no slaughterhouses in the state.


He urged the state council to also provide free delivery with refrigeration-equipped lorries to distributed dressed poultry to restaurants and stores.


He said the state can negotiate with financial firms for loans or start with rentals or hire-purchase.


Loke said there are 12 slaughterhouses on West Malaysia (peninsular Malaysia) but only four have a veterinary health mark.


In February 2020, it was announced that Penang state will no longer permit poultry slaughtering at wet markets and hawker centres from October 2021. Traders must install chillers at between 0°C and 4°C in poultry stalls to maintain chicken freshness as part of a new policy. Otherwise, traders may obtain supplies from a centralised storage and distribution centre.


The local poultry sector objected to this new policy, and the state council deferred enforcing the policy but emphasised that the chillers must be installed by end-May this year.


- The Star Malaysia