April 7, 2017


Amandus Kahl highlights its extruder products


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In its latest update, Amandus Kahl highlights its KAHL Extruder OEE and KAHL Extruder OEE 8.


KAHL Extruder OEE


The KAHL extruder OEE is equipped at the outlet with a hydraulic ram.
The die can be extended into and withdrawn from the outlet case by exact control of this ram. Machine power is regulated by extension of the hydraulic ram which can be quickly withdrawn in the event of overcurrent.
The die change is carried out by means of hydraulic actuation thus is quick and efficient. The knife head is provided with a separate drive and remains in its position during the die change.

At the start of the production, the KAHL extruder OEE does not require an increased water addition and can be started with an "open" die. It is less sensitive and the quantity of wasted product is reduced considerably compared to traditional extruders.

Depending on the product, the machine is equipped with heating and/or cooling jackets, pile-up disk as well as pressure and temperature measuring devices.
The product quality can be essentially influenced by the following process parameters:

Grinding degree of the raw material, conditioning, selection of additives, mechanical energy input, (e.g. the starch gelatinization and thus the product quality can be influenced by means of the energy input), die geometry (product design).


The KAHL Extruder OEE 8 for Laboratory Use or for Small-Scale Productions


The OEE 8 has been designed for laboratory-scale tests, i.e. for throughputs of max. 200 kg/h. The geometrical design of the process section corresponds to the annular gap expander, the jacket can be cooled or heated respectively. At the product outlet either a cone or a die can be installed, both of which are hydraulically movable. The speeds can be varied in a range of 150 to 450 rpm. This makes the defined input of specific mechanical energy possible, so that a specific influence can be exerted on the material parameters such as density, starch modification, or protein denaturation.


In the pilot plant of Amandus Kahl a proven technology is available to clients and prospective buyers for tests with their own products


Extruder OEE 8 abt. 200 kg/h 11 kW


Extruder OEE 15.2* 1 - 1.5 t/h 55 - 75 kW


Extruder OEE 23.3 2 - 4 t/h 132 - 315 kW


Extruder OEE 30.2 5 - 8 t/h 250 - 315 kW


KAHL Fish Feed Plants


The KAHL fish feed plant is equipped with the latest process technology, the core of which is the extrusion system with the Kahl Extruder OEE and the process control system ESEP.


In the production process, the raw materials undergo the process steps of weighing, fine grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying, vacuum coating, cooling and packaging.
In the first expansion stage, a delivered factory has a capacity of 40,000 t/y.

Sinking, slowly sinking and floating products in various shapes and sizes can be produced.


The formulas tailored to the requirements of for example the sea bream are characterized by a low starch and high protein content.

Particularly in the area of ​​conditioning and extrusion, the Kahl process technology allows them to react to the demands of the local raw materials.


Shaping and adjustment of the pellet density are realised in the extruder type OEE. This machine is equipped with the hydraulically movable die which is typical for the Kahl extruder. It allows an extruder start with open die which makes the critical process start and stop very easy and waste saving. Due to the automatic opening of the die, a die change can be completed within 120 sec. This provides additional convenience; in particular since fish feed production typically requires a variety of different pellet diameters. At the same time a high level of plant availability with a low downtime results from the rapid die change.


In light of continuous quality monitoring of the finished product, a new software system for batch traceability is installed. It allows the storage of more than 1,000 formulae and retracing of the production data. This results in a kind of "transparent" production.


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