April 7, 2015


Kemin to present swine research findings at Vietnam conference


Kemin will be presenting two sets of new swine research data during the Pig Feed Quality Conference 2015 at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on April 9 to 10.

The first set of data highlights the beneficial effects of the company's bio-emulsifier LYSOFORTETM in sow nutrition. Dr. Lakshmibai Vasanthakumari Bindhu, Staff Scientist (Biochemistry), will be discussing about the nutritional strategies to improve the energy utilisation of sows using bio-emulsifiers. She will be sharing research findings that cover topics such as the energy requirement of sows during gestation and lactation, the role of fat in sow nutrition and the strategies to improve the fat digestion in sows.

The second set of data highlights the role in which Kemin's FDA approved and highly bioavailable organic chromium, KemTRACETM Chromium, has in ensuring that there will be more live piglets in today's modern swine production. Dr. Chinnadurai Sugumar, Product Manager, will be explaining about the functions organic chromium has in swine reproductive physiology and nutrients metabolism.

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