April 7, 2015


French feed-wheat export to Asia rising


France, the EU's top wheat producer, is exporting to Asia animal feed-wheat that has not met the requirements of bread-wheat importers, reports said.


It was reported that the Philippines is to become the recipient of an initial cargo of French feed-wheat that would be shipped this month.


The last time France exported wheat to the Philippines was in November 2002. The shipment totaled 40,000 tonnes.


Reports said the Tai Harmony bulk carrier was to load 38,000 tonnes of feed-wheat at the port of Rouen and an unspecified volume at Dunkirk.


French wheat has become more affordable due to the falling euro and low freight rates.


France has already shipped several cargoes of feed-wheat to Thailand and South Korea, and estimates of the total shipment to Asia during the 2014-15 (July-June) marketing season run up to 600,000 tonnes.

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