April 6, 2021
China Lysine: Market under pressure (week ended Apr 5, 2021)

Lysine sales were limited with the demand for hog feed sluggish and soymeal prices tumbling. With the costs of corn lower, producers were willing to negotiate prices slightly on a case by case basis.
According to customs statistics, during January and February 2021, China's exports of lysine salts and esters amounted to 123,700 tonnes, higher by 15.3% year-on-year. January export volume was 67,300 tonnes, and the export volume in February was 56,400 tonnes. Due to the price increase in raw material corn, manufacturers' quotations soared in tandem. During these two months, the export unit price of lysine was US$1,029.63/tonne, up by 25% on-year.
The top 10 export destinations were   Netherlands, Thailand, Poland, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United States, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Denmark, China's shipments to the top ten countries accounted for more than half of its total export volume. The export volume to the Netherlands, which was the highest, totalled 13,300 tonnes, a slight decrease year-on-year. Second in the list was Thailand with 8,992 tonnes, an increase of 24.4% year-on-year, and third was Poland with exports of 7,157.5 tonnes, an increase of 64.5% year-on-year.
Transacted prices of 98.5-percent lysine in China were in the range of RMB10.70-12.30/kg。
Lysine prices are likely to move lower with demand slack. Producers, who face lower production costs, will negotiate prices in a bid to move sales.
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