April 6, 2020


Marfrig and Minerva Uruguay slaughterhouse operations disrupted over COVID-19 union dispute


A Uruguayan labour union has stopped Marfrig Global Foods and Minerva SA operations in Montevideo until April 8, 2020 over salary disputes and COVID-19 related measures to protect workers, reported Reuters citing local newspaper ValorEconômico.


Both companies did not provide any comments related to the union disruptions.


According to the newspaper, Minerva's operations in Canelones and Carrasco have been affected by the union dispute, but its facility in Pul continues to operate, which accounts for 60% of its production in Uruguay.


Marfrig said it aims to donate 48,000 cans of meat to support Uruguayan communities affected by COVID-19. The company is the largest meatpacker and exporter in Uruguay, with 5 plants and 3,500 workers.


-      Reuters