April 6, 2017


Kemin launches MillSMART Profit Value Calculator

Kemin has launched the MillSMART Profit Value Calculator to help feed mill professionals easily evaluate the economic returns of incorporating the MillSMART programme into their operations.
The MillSMART programme preconditioning solution uniformly disperses and penetrates feed, providing a positive impact on feed mill production parameters and significant economic benefits.
"We created the MillSMART Profit Value Calculator to help feed mill professionals visualise the economic benefits the MillSMART programme can provide their business," said Carmen Coetzee, associate product manager for Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health. "With just one click, the tool provides a complete picture of the programme's collective impact and individual key performance indicators (KPIs), such as feed weight, pellet durability index, energy and throughput."
To use the tool, users simply enter their feed mill and lab parameters for both a control treatment and MillSMART. The app provides a side-by-side comparison of the net savings and individual KPI savings.

"This is an ideal way to show the tangible potential MillSMART programme offers feed mill producers," said KP Philip, president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health. "With MillSMART, the feed mill is no longer seen as a cost centre, but a tool to optimise the feed value and quality while optimising feed mill processing productivity."

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