April 6, 2017


Irish milk intake down 7.8% in February


Irish domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers in February was estimated at 264.8 million litres (272,662 tonnes), down 7.8% (or 22.3 million litres less) year-on-year, data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed. 



Milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers refers to whole milk bought by creameries and pasteurisers from domestic producers through collection depots and separating stations. It includes whole milk obtained from herds owned by the creameries and pasteurisers. The fat content of the whole milk is also collected.


CSO said total milk sold for human consumption in February also decreased, by 4.9 % to 39.4 million litres (40,569 tonnes) year-on-year. And so did butter production, by 11.5 % to 8,200 tonnes.


Milk production in February decreased 4.9% compared with the previous month, January, to 413.5 million litres from 434.7 million litres.


In January itself, milk production registered a 4.6% decrease compared with same month in 2016.

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