April 5, 2021


Value of Russia's agricultural exports in 2020 increases 20%


In 2020, Russia supplied 79 million tonnes of agricultural products worth $30.7 billion to foreign markets - which is $5 billion or 20% more than 2019.


As a result, agro-exports reached a record high, beating the 2018 high of $25.8 billion.


Last year, the total physical volume of meat exported increased by 53% and amounted to 525,000 tonnes. In monetary terms, shipments reached $887 million, 49% higher than in 2019. More than 200,000 tonnes (+87%) of pork was exported with a total export value of $336 million (+91%).


China is the leading buyer of Russian meat, followed by Vietnam and Ukraine. At the end of 2019, the Vietnamese market opened for Russian pork shipments - last year's meat exports to Vietnam doubled to 73,000 tonnes and value increased 4.4 times to $140 million. Pork accounted for about 94% of this volume.


Ukraine imported 79,000 tonnes of Russian meat (+6.8%), worth $108 million, of which pork accounted for 62% of the value.


Grain exports increased by 25% to 49 million tonnes, and value grew by 29% to $10 billion. Wheat shipments increased by 22% to 39 million tonnes, and were up 29% in value to $8.3 billion due to rising prices.


Foreign sales of corn amounted to four million tonnes (+29%) worth $741 million (+20%).


Turkey was the top buyer of Russian grain followed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia.