April 5, 2021


Cherkizovo Lab receives accreditation to detect COVID-19


Cherkizovo Lab has become the first private laboratory to receive accreditation from Association of Analytical Centers (AAC) Analitica to test environmental samples for COVID-19, Cherkizovo announced this month.


The achievement marks another step in assuring safety of Cherkizovo Group's products for its Russian and foreign partners.


In March, AAC Analitica granted approval to expand the scope of accreditation of Cherkizovo Lab. The lab's technical competence was endorsed in four new areas, in addition to 94 previously certified methods of testing raw materials, feed, food, packaging and environment entities. Cherkizovo Lab was the first privately owned laboratory in Russia to obtain accreditation for detecting COVID-19 RNA in environmental samples.


"This is an important milestone and a testament to Cherkizovo Lab's commitment to best practice in quality control and product safety, making it stand out among the best equipped laboratories for its high level of competence," said Sergey Shapovalov, Cherkizovo Lab's director. "Both a leader in the Russian meat market and an exporter, Cherkizovo Group will be able to significantly benefit from using the resources of its own lab to detect COVID-19, which will contribute to strengthening further our relationships with partners."


Cherkizovo Lab is an European-class laboratory center focusing on the research and development of food products - a one-of-a-kind facility in the Russian agricultural sector, Cherkizovo said. The center carries out some 1,000 tests annually, including complicated lab analysis, in all areas of agriculture.


Cherkizovo Lab also conducts research into genomics and molecular biology, veterinary and sanitary examination and analytical chemistry.


- Cherkizovo