April 5, 2017
The Andersons finalises sale of farm center locations in Florida, US
The Andersons, Inc. announced that it has completed the sale of its farm center facilities in Florida to Wedgworth's Inc., of Belle Glade, Florida, US.
The plan to sell the Florida locations was first announced by The Andersons on March 6, 2017.
"We believe the sale of these farm centers to Wedgworth's provides the best solution for the operation of these facilities as well as for employees and customers," Bill Wolf, The Anderson's plant nutrient group president, said. "The Andersons remains committed to its farm center business and will continue to operate its locations in the Eastern Corn Belt." 
The Andersons obtained the farm centers through the acquisitions of Douglass Fertilizer in 2008 and Immokalee Farmers Supply, Inc. in 2011. The Andersons products will continue to be available to customers in the region through a distribution agreement with Wedgworth's.

- The Anderson

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