April 5, 2016


No agreement between China and Vietnam to permit livestock, poultry trade



Chicken imports from China are forbidden to enter Vietnam as authorities of both nations have not formalised any agreement on the trade of livestock and poultry products, according to the Veterinary Department of Vietnam.  


That apparently did not stop the unlawful movements of livestock and poultry across the Vietnam-China border which is still happening. Chinese chicken meat and one-day-old breeding chicken are brought into Vietnam while buffaloes, cows and pigs are transported out from the country.


The main concerns about these activities are products that do not have a clear identification of origin as well as the possibility that they may be tainted with pathogens such as avian influenza, and foot and mouth disease.


Chinese and Vietnamese representatives had recently meet in January this year to discuss on veterinary cooperation, and improving cross-border supervision and control of animal diseases. Both sides discussed long-term measures to curb illegal animal and meat trading activities at the borders.


However, a specific plan have yet to be drafted.


In Vietnam, there were worries that the local livestock sector will be affected by the import of chickens from China. While prohibition on international trade is barely possible in the age of globalisation, technical barriers can still be implemented to control trade and protect domestic productions.

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