April 4, 2019


China Broiler Weekly: Prices stabilise from recent rally (week ended Mar 22, 2019)


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Price summary


Prices stabilized lately.



Market analysis


AA broiler

AA broiler price hikes slowed while markets in several regions showed signs of weakening. Despite tight availability of finishing broiler, prudent demand following the previous week's rally held prices under control. On average, AA broiler price inched up 0.78% over the week.

Prices of AA chick continued to surge with supplies scarce. In some regions, each day-old chick were fetching as high as RMB10.

China breed broiler

Price rise of fast-growth native broiler slowed as well to an average of 2.2%. Over the past three weeks prices have jumped a whopping 37% on tight availability, helping to lift day-old chick prices to the range of RMB1-2.2/bird.

Prices of hybrid broiler were stable to higher.

Chick prices were slightly lower in the range of RMB1.25-1.30/bird.


Market forecast

The high costs of AA chicks will continue to support AA broiler prices to rise further, as farmers seek to sustain profit margins.  Moreover, supplies are expected to be tight due to low chick availability during February.
RMB=US$0.1486 (Mar 28)

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