April 3, 2024


US pork exports reached 55,300 tonnes in week ending March 21




US pork export sales surged to a marketing year high during the week ending March 21.


According to the US Department of Agriculture, US pork sales were driven by strong demand from Mexico, which picked up most of the week's total, followed by Japan and Australia.


The United States' net pork sales totaled 55,300 tonnes, an increase of 64% from the previous week and 74% from the four-week average.


Reported buyers were Mexico (32,800 tonnes), Japan (5,700 tonnes), Australia (5,400 tonnes), Canada (5,000 tonnes), and South Korea (2,800 tonnes), with a net reduction by Vietnam (1,300 tonnes).


Shipments of 34,200 tonnes were up 6% from the week before and 4% from the four-week average, primarily to Mexico (13,100 tonnes), Japan (5,500 tonnes), South Korea (4,800 tonnes), China (3,300 tonnes), and Colombia (2,000 tonnes).


- Brownfield

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