April 3, 2017


Yeast-specialist ICC outlines event activities in 2017


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Brazil-based ICC has laid out their event activities in the first quarter of 2017.


IPPE 2017
In January, ICC participated in another edition of the "International Production & Processing Expo - IPPE" in Atlanta, United States. Aside from exhibiting our brands, IPPE was essential for direct contact with our customers and distributors.
In addition, we presented a new study: "Effectiveness of a yeast cell wall in commercial layers against intestinal and ovary colonization of S. enteritidis", in partnership with Prof. and Dr. Charles L. Hofacre.

The IPPE is the largest fair dedicated to the Latin America aviculture market and attracts thousands of professionals and companies of the poultry market.


Between March 14th and 16th, ICC has participated in another edition of Polinutri Sales Convention. It took place in Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil), which gathered together over 150 participants.
ICC contributed with a lecture presebted by our R&D analyst, Liliana Borges, who reinforced the Immunowall® concept, by highlighting its benefits and actions of MOS and Beta glucans on the intestinal health of PETs. Our PET & Acqua manager, Marcia Villaça, proceeded with the lecture, providing the entire foundation of the immune system mechanism in PETs and presented commercial data. The lecture generated a proactive discussion, where several questions related to benefits of the products, not only for PETs but also for other animal species, were replied.

Based on another positive repercussion, ICC believes that the support to events of customers and distributors may have been aggregating not only in relation but also in the credibility of the offered products.


On March 14th, the second edition of ICC technical seminar took place in Bangkok. With the presence of over 80 participants, among them customers and distributors, the seminar brought as main theme immunomodulation and food safety, two great subjects and specialty of our distinguished guest, Professor Dr. Luiz Felipe Caron.

The quality of our investments in research, allied to the magnificence of our seminars, is the results of our success as a company, which brings increasingly smarter science-based solutions.


Also in March, ICC was present in another edition of "VIV - Asia" which took place in Bangkok in Thailand. VIV Asia is the largest international fair dedicated to the animal nutrition market, and in 2015 attracted 38,422 visitors from 124 countries, of which 57% were from outside Thailand. The event is conducted every two years, and, with the success obtained in 2015, ICC has participated in 2017 edition.

Aside from being able to exhibit our brands and to be in contact with our customers, we had the great opportunity of strengthening the presence of ICC in the world.

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