April 3, 2017

Plant extract specialist Silvateam holds technical seminar in Thailand


On March 14, 2017, just before VIV Asia, Italy-based Silvateam hosted the Silvafeed® Technical Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.
The main scope of the event was a scientific overview of tannins in animal nutrition and their role in the most topical antibiotic substitution trend, and presentations and discussions from Silvateam about their response to this market need.
The attendees were all Silvafeed® distributors, a heterogeneous group of animal health and nutrition experts who sell in different Asia-Pacific market locations, such as Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam.
After CEO Stefano Battaglia gave his introduction and welcomed all attendees, sales manager Nicola Saggese presented the company overview. Then technical manager Nicola Panciroli focused his presentation on the beneficial effects of natural additives such as tannins and polyphenols, commercialised under the Silvafeed brand name.
Subsequent presentations included a scientific research regarding tannins and their mechanisms of action in animal nutrition. Bernardo Valenti, DVM at Di3A, University of Catania, Italy, shared some very interesting results of studies carried out on this subject by his department and other top research institutes.
The intense programmed concluded with consumer insights into the antibiotic-free trend in the US meat market by marketing manager Massimo Gotti, who saw it as a key challenge which every company involved in animal nutrition will have to face in the near future.
"Motivated by personal health, environmental concerns, animal welfare, taste and quality concerns, many US consumers are seeking alternatives to conventional meat products, which are typically produced with routine use of antibiotics," said Massimo Gotti. "Hence restaurants and grocery retailers are now sourcing meat from farmers who raise livestock and poultry avoiding antibiotics and are leading the way in making it more readily available to American consumers. These companies successfully and profitably market and sell hundreds of millions of kilograms of antibiotic-free meat each year."
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