April 2, 2024


Cebu, Philippines bans live poultry domestic imports from Leyte due to avian influenza


The provincial government of Cebu, Philippines, has enacted a 45-day ban on the importation of live poultry and various bird species from Leyte following the detection of avian influenza (AI) in Kananga, Leyte, Philippine News Agency reported.


Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, through Executive Order No 6 series of 2024, implemented measures to restrict the entry of game fowls, wild birds, pigeons, pet birds, day-old chicks, pullets, ducks, and quails, aiming to safeguard Cebu's PHP 12 billion (US$212 million) poultry industry.


The directive stipulates that poultry products from Leyte can enter Cebu ports but must adhere to existing regulations.


"All component cities and municipalities (including those with seaports), the Philippine National Police, Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority, and Cebu Port Authority are tasked with the strict implementation of this order," it states.


Governor Garcia said while Cebu remains unaffected by the bird flu virus, the mortality incidents in a Leyte poultry farm raises concern about potential AI outbreaks and environmental impact.


She cited guidelines from the country's Department of Agriculture (DA) regarding poultry movement during AI outbreaks and invoked the Local Government Code as the legal basis for issuing the order, underscoring the need to shield the local poultry industry.


The DA in Eastern Visayas disclosed that a private chicken breeder farm in Kananga, Leyte, culled at least 60,000 chickens after two chickens tested positive for bird flu during a rapid test conducted last March 13, 2024.


-      Philippine News Agency

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