April 2, 2015


Nutriad present at key aquaculture events


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Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal protein producing sector.  Across the globe an increasing number of events host industry players that seek to increase their knowledge and network. In the past 5 years Nutriad, through its specialized business unit Aquaculture, has increased its focus on aquaculture and continues to expand its active participation in aquaculture events, including TILAPIA 2015, MEAF 2015 and WA 2015.




TILAPIA 2015 is the fourth in a series of successful international technical and trade conferences organized by INFOFISH during April 2-4 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Internationally renowned speakers will address the tilapia industry outlook, production and processing, markets and marketing and technological developments. Some 300 delegates from industry, government and academia, as well as potential investors and marketers, will attend. The accompanying trade show will feature seafood buyers and sellers, farmers, processors and exporters, as well as suppliers of fishing and aquaculture equipment and services.
Allan Wu
Nutriad is a bronze sponsor for this event and supports the research of Dr. Yu-Hung Lin from the Department of Aquaculture, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. This research will form part of his presentation "Innovative strategies on sparing dietary protein for Tilapia."  Says Allan Wu, Nutriad Aquaculture Manager Asia: "We are proud to be able to work together with Dr. Lin. His research demonstrated that AQUAGEST OMF, a digestive enhancer developed by Nutriad specifically for omnivorous fish, is effective in enhancing digestive/metabolic efficiency and improves the protein efficiency in Tilapia. It allows producers to formulate with lower protein levels in the feed without affecting growth or filleting yield."


Peter Coutteau
The Middle East Aquaculture Forum (MEAF) will be held for the first time at the DWTC, Dubai, UAE during 5-6 April. MEAF has been created to bring together aquaculture industry experts and academics from the Middle East, to showcase the latest products and offer industry professionals a state-of-the-art platform to interact.  Says Peter Coutteau, Business Unit Director Aquaculture Nutriad: "This forum focuses on sustainable aquaculture in the Middle East. It is the first time this will be organized and we support MEAF in their ambition as we have been pioneers in our area as well. "

Nutriad co-authors a paper presented by National Aquaculture National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA - RKSA), one of the world's largest fully integrated marine farms employing more than 2,500 people from 32 different nations, with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons of marine shrimp and fish. The paper reports on the experiences of NAQUA in two species of white shrimp Penaeus indicus and Penaeus vannamei with Aquagest S, a digestive enhancing additive that boosts lipid absorption in the hepatopancreas and productivity in shrimp farming.




World Aquaculture 2015 (WA2015; May 26-30) will be the annual conference and exposition of the World Aquaculture Society and its Asian-Pacific and Korean chapters.

Says Allen Wu: "Under the theme of Aquaculture for Healthy People, Planet and Profit this conference will address the growing aquaculture industry in Korea and the Asia-Pacific region. This is a key region for growth for Nutriad."


­­­The international trade show will present the latest developments in aquaculture, and the technical program will cover all aspects of aquaculture in Korea and the rest of the world. States Peter Coutteau: "WA 2015 is an important event to update  our customers from Asia Pacific on our recent findings on EMS solutions and other specialty programs to enhance health and digestive efficiency in aquaculture. "


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