April 2, 2015


Asia-Pacific still top priority for Cargill feed business



Commodities trader Cargill said Asia-Pacific remains one of its top global priorities for its animal feed business, as consumer demand for meat and dairy products in the region grows and livestock farmers and dairy producers seek higher yields, better quality and environmentally sustainable solutions for their operations.


"Asia-Pacific is experiencing a surge in consumer demand for meat and dairy products, and this in turn presents an increasing need for quality animal nutrition solutions and applying the best technology", Stoney Su, group director of Cargill's Animal Feed business in Asia-Pacific, said.


"The goal is to ensure that the meat and dairy products that people put on their table are of the highest quality thanks to proper animal nutrition and welfare, as well as help our customers increase their productivity and efficiency in a competitive market", he added.


Last January Cargill showcased its newly developed Cargill Nutrition System (CNS) at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia. CNS, it said, provides global poultry customers with precision nutrition that helps animals improve performance and producers improve profitability.


Henk Enting, global poultry technology director for Cargill's animal nutrition business, said earlier that with CNS, Cargill was able to demonstrate the science behind feed formulation, challenging some producers' belief that overfeeding crude protein equaled better results but which can actually result in a host of issues including "poor animal performance, excess wet litter and overspending".


CNS was also instrumental in a recent trial in Switzerland, where a reduction in calcium and phosphorus levels and an increase in phytase in broiler feeds led to better feed costs per unit of production and easier compliance with local environmental legislation.


Cargill has more than 20 animal feed technology centres in various countries that continually develop new formulations to help livestock farmers become more productive.

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