April 1, 2015


Europe forms new poultry association



The European Live Poultry and Poultry Hatching Egg Association (ELPHA), a new association for live poultry and poultry hatching eggs, has been established.


The association was created on March 23 between founding members of several existing European associations: EPB (poultry breeders), AEH (hatcheries), and EPEXA (traders of hatching eggs and day-old chicks) and national associations, the BPC (British Poultry Council), BTT (Hungarian Poultry Product Association) and ZDG (Central German Poultry Organisation).


ELPHA will serve to represent its members' main interests, including European Union trade, animal health, animal welfare and genetics, as well as food safety and security issues.


The executive board comprises president, Jacques de Lange (the Netherlands); vice-president Graeme Dear (United Kingdom); treasurer Anton Butijn (the Netherlands); Leo Graf von Drechsel (Denmark) and Thijs Hendrix (the Netherlands). Andrew Large and Louis Perrault have been appointed as deputy members of the executive board.

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