March 31, 2016


Evonik plant first to produce new methionine source for shrimps

Evonik Industries has commenced in Antwerp, Belgium, the world's first production plant for a new methionine source specifically for shrimps and other crustaceans.


AQUAVI® Met-Met, the dipeptide of two DL-methionine molecules, is expected to be launched in the market in mid-2016 and will be used as an aquaculture feed additive.   


"With AQUAVI® Met-Met, we are extending our range of feed amino acids for animal nutrition to include another specialty with high value for our customers," said Dr. Reiner Beste, Chairman of the Board of Management of Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH. "This further strengthens our position as a market and technology leader."  


"In AQUAVI® Met-Met, we're offering a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for shrimp and crustacean farming," Dr. Emmanuel Auer, Head of the Animal Nutrition Business Line at Evonik, commented "In view of the growing global population and limited availability of resources, this appears to us to be vitally important."  


In 2015, no less than half of the fish, crustaceans, and shellfish consumed globally originated from aquaculture.


Fishmeal being part of the feed as a protein source is a significant cost factor for farmers. Supplementation with amino acids allows significant reduction of the proportion of fishmeal in feeds, as Evonik has already demonstrated for fish farming. In addition, Evonik contributes to improved sustainability and conservation of biodiversity.   


However, shrimps and crustaceans have completely different feeding habits and digestive systems than, for instance, fish, and AQUAVI® Met-Met has been developed specially for them. It is significantly less water-soluble than DL-methionine and not so easily leached out of the feed. In the digestive tract of shrimps, the dipeptide breaks down and methionine becomes available for protein synthesis at exactly the right time.


As feeding trials in many countries have shown, just 0.56 kg of AQUAVI® Met-Met in 1,000 kg of shrimp feed results in the same growth as 1 kg of DL-methionine. This increases the efficiency and sustainability of shrimp farming.   


AQUAVI® Met-Met has already been registered as a feed additive in many countries, with more to follow. The new methionine source will initially be available for shrimps and crustaceans. Its efficiency is currently being tested for other species.   

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