March 31, 2015


Mexico permits poultry imports from US as bird flu subsides



The threat of bird flu against US poultry may be abating, with Mexico recently permitting some imports of chicken and turkey from American states affected by the disease.


The decision came as restrictions on shipments from China, the EU and other countries are still in effect. US turkey and chicken find their biggest customer in Mexico.


In the US, a highly contagious variety of avian influenza had been reported amongst commercial flocks in California, Missouri, Arkansas and Minnesota this year.


Tyson Foods and Sanderson Farms Inc., which suffered losses upon news that bird flu was advancing towards the southeast of the country, have since recovered over the past two weeks. Both companies will be toughening up measures to protect their flocks


In addition, state officials are maintaining a regime of screening backyard poultry flocks and quarantining areas.

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