March 30, 2017


Tyson Foods' Wilkesboro complex wins top Cobb500 performance for 2016




The Tyson Foods' breeder complex at Wilkesboro, North Carolina, US, is the winner of the top US Cobb500 performance in 2016 for total egg production/hen housed.

This is the third year running for this complex to receive an award, having topped the Mid Atlantic Region in the previous two years.  In 2016, the Wilkesboro complex produced 177.42 total eggs/hen housed in a survey of the US industry with production figures all adjusted to 65 weeks. This complex housed 36 flocks, representing over 500,000 hens housed.

Cliff Lee, breeder hatchery manager of Tyson Foods, gives credit to his team members for this accomplishment: "Tom, Ronnie, Daniel, Roger, Susie and the vaccination crew work hard every day to get top results and they take a lot of pride in their work.  These good people keep us heading in the right direction.

"We communicate every day about what is happening and work closely together as a team," Lee added. "Taking care of our birds and our team members is the ultimate goal.  Certainly it is a challenging job - but good communication, accountability, team effort and hard work makes it that much easier."

Ken Semon, Cobb director of technical services for North America, commented: "This is a great accomplishment for the Tyson Wilkesboro breeder department, and now the goal is to stay on top with Cobb500 and get to the same spot with the Cobb700."

- Cobb

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