March 30, 2017

China Broiler Weekly: AA broiler prices hit 2017 high in China on steady recovery (week ended Mar 30, 2017)


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Price summary


Prices moved higher.



Market analysis

AA broiler

AA broiler prices rebounded substantially by 8% after the recent week's consolidation lower. In the northeast region, where prices plunged 19% previously, prices surged a whopping 32% to match those of other regions.

As farmers' confidence in the market strengthened, prices of day-old chick rose by RMB0.20-0.50/bird amid growing demand to settle in the range of RMB1.50-2.10/bird.


China breed broiler


Prices of native breed fast-growth broiler increased amid tight availability in the east and south, but continued to fall in the north due to subdued demand. On average, prices were higher by 1.2% compared with the previous week.

China breed broiler farms were reluctant to rebuild inventories as the market has not shown definitive signs of recovering.



Market forecast

AA broilers have climbed to December's levels, reaching its highest record for the year. Slaughterhouses will turn cautious with purchases, hence limiting the upward scope of the market. However, supply shortages should continue to drive up prices in the next couple of months.
China breed broiler market will remain soft as consumers stay cautious.
RMB=US$0.1451 (Mar 30)


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