March 29, 2021


FrieslandCampina in top three of Dutch companies with best reputation


This year, FrieslandCampina has ranked third in the top 30 of companies with the best reputation in the Netherlands, the dairy cooperative announced this month.


"As a producer of well-known brand products, a strong and solid reputation is really important to us. After all, our company name is on the packaging to be seen by the consumer every day," said Hein Schumacher, CEO of FrieslandCampina. "I am proud of the fact that we have been able to maintain and even strengthen our third place. This result stimulates us to do even better next year."


RepTrak determines the ranking of the companies that FrieslandCampina is positioned with by using its reputation model which is founded on decades of scientific research into reputation, image and business characteristics.


- FrieslandCampina