March 29, 2019


Delacon: Opening a new chapter of its phytogenics story in Asia




On March 18, the same day as the 80th birthday of Delacon founder Mr. Helmut Dedl, a new hub was opened in Singapore. It will serve as the Delacon Regional Office in Asia, strengthening Delacon's footprint in the region.


Singapore was chosen as the hub for Delacon in Asia due to its strategic location and business.


"While Delacon started in Asia almost 20 years ago, we never really had a central Asia office, and were more country-based with usually about one to two persons per country. Now with the new hub, we can provide more technical support, for our customers. Therefore, with the opening of our Singapore office, we will set up a solid structure to propel us forward towards further growth," Markus Dedl, Delacon CEO, tells eFeedLink in an interview at VIV Asia 2019.


The Asia Delacon Sales Team is headed by Gina Medina as Asia Sales Group Leader with six sales team currently located in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. This is on top of the four Delacon sales team members located in and dedicated for the China market1. Together with the new Asia Regional Technical Manager and Admin/Office Support Services Manager on board, Medina would be based out of the Singapore office.


Medina started as Regional Technical Manager in Delacon in 2010, then became SEA Regional Sales Manager, before assuming her current role as Asia Sales Group Leader. She comes with an animal nutritionist background.


Medina shares that customer acceptance of phytogenic products has grown over the last 10 years, particularly in the last five years, and this acceptance has been helped by the industry trend seeking alternatives to AGPs.


Adds Dedl: "Our focus is on phytogenics and that is a very clear statement. We believe we can support in solving a lot of challenges with phytogenics. We are also seeing that customers are increasingly combining different technologies with one another, and we are also offering solutions for that, such as Biostrong® Forte which contains organic acids, MCFAs and phytogenics. Moreover, we rely on the expertise of trusted distributors to provide customers access to different technologies, where customers can choose what type of products to use from each category." As an example, in the Philippines Delacon is collaborating with Agrimate Inc., for 15 years.


Mr. Edgar Rule of Agrimate Inc. says, "Since the very beginning, Delacon and Agrimate Inc. put a lot of effort on customer support, in terms of providing technical support, trial results, and high-quality phytogenics."


For China, Delacon recently announced to partner with Cargill Provimi as distributor. According to Dedl, companies which are "very strong in the market, have very good customer intimacy, sales, marketing and technical approaches" are selected to be Delacon's trusted distributors in Asia.


In Asia, new Delacon product launches are in the pipeline: Fresta® Protect for piglets; Biostrong Protect and Biostrong Comfort for poultry. "As Biostrong Comfort is a product positioned for the heat stress period, such as the summer season, that's why it would  be launched soon in April which is the summer month in most Asian countries," shares Medina.


"The intention of the new products is to strengthen and widen our product portfolio, taking into consideration the latest developments in market and customer needs such as alternatives for AGPs, solutions to heat stress, and others," she adds.


To meet these new product demands from Asia and its other business regions, Delacon would be expanding its production capacity fivefold to 20,000 tonnes per year at its new hub in Austria, by 2020 (/contents/10-30-2018/5721a5e5-0cdd-4be4-aeb5-2d83baf54a10-a181.html).


Concluding the interview, Dedl says: "We would continue a growth path of more than 20% per year, and apart from the new product launches in the lineup, we are looking into new species, new applications of phytogenics, and new marketing and sales channels."


1Note (please see text above):

·       Asia Sales Team Structure:

o    Asia Sales Group Leader - Gina Medina

o    South Central Asia (SCA) Regional Sales Manager - Dr. Jeetendra Verma

o    North East Asia (NEA) Regional Sales Manager - Dr. Sze Eng Kian

o    South East Asia Regional Sales Manager - Dr. Preecha Sapkitjakarn

o    Area Sales Manager Japan - Dr. Yoshi Yoshinori Hashizawa

o    Area Sales Manager Indonesia - Dr. Wenny Koesoemawati

o    Area Sales Manager Philippines - Edna Alconera (officially started Feb 1, 2019)

·       China Sales Team Structure:

o    General Manager China - Kevin Wang

o    Marketing and Office Manager China - Anny Yin

o    Regional Technical Manager - Allen Song & Nick Wang