March 29, 2016


Boosted productivity in Peru's aquaculture with government legislation



More than 4,000 of Peru's aquaculture units, under the country's National Productive Diversification Plan (PNDP), are expected to benefit from the General Aquaculture Act which could lead to better productivity.


The sector is one of the production activities with the fastest growth in the world, Piero Ghezzi, head of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), said. In addition, there exists an abundance of opportunities to generate formal employment in Peru.


"In 2012, the world's aquaculture production exceeded 90 million tonnes, accounting for 50% of total fish production," Ghezzi said. "In the last three decades, the production of farmed fish in aquaculture increased 12-fold, with an annual growth rate of over 8% while capture fisheries had already peaked."


According to the minister, , aquaculture should - in the next five years - grow past 15% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the fisheries sector, with support from the PNDP and the Executive Aquaculture Board. The long term goal would be to achieve 50%.


PRODUCE has also provided several measures to spur productivity in businesses and the sector in general.


"One of them has been the General Act and the regulation to provide legal security for large and small investments. On the other hand, we promote innovation, science and technology through the creation of four aquaculture public and private CITEs as well as through innovation funds and Law 30309, R + D + I," Ghezzi added.


He also indicated that PRODUCE has strengthened the National Agency for Fisheries Health (SANIPES) as a key entity to boost aquaculture exports. The ministry is also modernising and adapting the health standard of a large group of artisanal fishing wharves covering more than 90% of the fishing activity.


PRODUCE had held training and workshops for representatives of 14 regional governments, in preparation of regulations.


Additionally, the ministry's contents were pre-published in a PRODUCE portal for feedback from interested parties.



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