March 28, 2017


EU agri-food exports start 2017 at high level


The value of EU agri-food exports in January reached €10.3 billion (US$11.19 billion), which is almost €1 billion ($1.09 billion) higher than in January 2016, according to the latest agri-food trade report published on Monday, March 27.


The US remained the top destination for EU agri-food exports with the highest increase in monthly export values by €206 million ($223.68 million), followed by China higher by €120 million ($130.3 million), Switzerland Japan and Russia.


Pork posted the second-highest increase in monthly export value by €112 million ($121.58 million) after wine (by €127 million, or $137.83 million).


EU agri-food exports to Russia increased in value by 3.6%. Thus, Russia remains No. 5 EU export destination for agri-food products, behind the US, China, Switzerland and Japan.

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