March 27, 2023


AquaBioTech and Chinese partners complete AquaDetector project



Malta-based aquaculture research and development company AquaBioTech Group and Chinese partners, aquaculture firm Mingbo Aquatic and China Agricultural University, have completed the AquaDetector project, SeafoodSource reported.


The goal of the AquaDetector project was to enhance digitalisation of the aquaculture sector for better farm management, improve livestock welfare, boost production growth, and improve China-Malta research cooperation.


The AquaDetector research project ran tests at recirculating aquaculture (RAS) facilities in Malta over a two-year period with the goal of applying the findings more broadly in China and Europe.


The project was backed by the Sino-Malta Fund and funded by the Chinese and Maltese governments.


AquaBioTech Group said China, the world's largest producer of aquaculture both in terms of volume and value, is a crucial partner in fostering Maltese innovation in this field. The company said the recognition of the Malta Council for Science and Technology to support research in this area through the Sino-Malta bilateral fund is highly valued.


China continues to support the development of aquaculture technology and equipment in the country, including the development of RAS. Mingbo Aquatic, located in the heart of China's Shandong aquaculture belt, is focused on growing premium species such as grouper.


Mingbo Aquatic said innovative digitalisation technologies aid in mitigating risk factors for the fisheries and aquaculture industry, such as concerns about climate change, global pandemics, and conflicts that could impact fish and seafood production and supply chains.


The company said collaborative projects like these benefit the Maltese aquaculture industry by adding significant socioeconomic value, enabling economic diversification and job creation, and increasing potential export earnings while contributing to the EU's trade deficit for fisheries products.


-      SeafoodSource

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