March 27, 2017

Experts agree on the role of phytogenics in alternative-to-AGP strategy




At BIOMIN's "Phytogenics in Focus" seminar at VIV Asia 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, swine and poultry experts agreed that there is increasing research to suggest that phytogenics is an effective component of an AGP replacement or reduction strategy.

In particular, in his presentation entitled "Achieving Optimum Gut Health and Performance in Pigs - a Role for Phytogenics", Tony Edwards of ACE Livestock Consulting, Australia, outlined several benefits of phytogenics reported in literature: antimicrobial activity, gut microbiota stabilisation, improved immune function and immunoglobulin production, improved antioxidant capacity, positive anti-inflammatory effects, increased pancreatic enzyme secretion and digestion, reduced ammonia production, slowed gastric emptying, improved gut morphology, synergy with organic acids, improved palatability, and potential disruption in pathogen signalling.

He concluded that with "efforts to isolate, characterise and titrate the effective dose of specific phytogenic compounds, and optimal combinations, the consistency of responses will improve".

Edwards' conclusion probably sheds positive light on BIOMIN's recent "Phytogenics Feed Additives Survey", which revealed that the lack of commercial trial results and scientific studies is one of the key reasons preventing the industry from confidently using phytogenics. The survey was presented by Marc Guinnement, managing director of BIOMIN Asia Pacific.
Just like Edwards, in his "Key Lessons on Phytogenics in Poultry", Maarten de Gussem of Vetworks, Belgium, concluded that phytogenics should be part of a holistic solution which includes other alternatives like probiotics, enzymes and organic acids.


Neil Gannon, regional product manager of BIOMIN Asia Pacific, also launched the company's 'next-generation' phytogenic Digestarom® DC at the seminar, which uses encapsulation technology for the targeted release of phytogenic compounds.
(From left) Maarten de Gussem, Marc Guinnement, Neil Gannon and Tony Edwards at the panel discussion of BIOMIN's "Phytogenics in Focus" seminar
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