March 26, 2021

Mowi Scotland to set up post-smolt site in Isle of Skye, Scotland


Mowi Scotland plans to establish a post-smolt unit next to its feed mill in Kyleakin, on Scotland's Isle of Skye.


Speaking at the 2021 edition of Mowi's annual Capital Markets Day (CMD), Mowi Farming Scotland, Ireland and Faroes COO Ben Hadfield said consultations are ongoing with authorities to get the 3,000-tonne facility approved.


If given approval, the post-smolt site will be based at the 182-acre site Mowi operates in Kyleakin. The feed mill at the location was commissioned in 2019.


The aim is to increase Mowi Scotland's post-smolt stocking weight up to 800 grams, according to Hadfield.


"We're confident that with the temperatures we have in Scotland that this will allow us to farm and harvest fish within 12 months," Hadfield said. "We have enough smolts to grow organically going forward, but we would like them to be at a much higher average weight to reduce the time in the sea."


Hadfield added that the new site will allow for increased fallowing as well as higher harvest volume, combined with reduced time at sea and treatment interventions.


Mowi Scotland currently comprises two modern recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) facilities, one flowthrough hatchery producing organic smolts and 47 seawater sites. There is also a primary processing plant at Fort William.


Hadfield said while the operation has experienced uneven growth, averaging 3% per annum over the past few years, Mowi Scotland has introduced seven new sites since 2015.


During the same period, the company has also secured an additional 17,500 tonnes of production licenses. This makes Mowi Scotland "very confident" that it can reach its goal of 80,000 tonnes gutted weight yield over the coming years, Hadfield said.


- SeafoodSource