Office fumigation and additional sanitation/disinfection

The company's new measures ensure manufacturing and supply operations continue as normal to fulfill its orders and meet demand for XJ-Bio products.

Since January 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in central Hubei province, China has affected the whole nation and beyond. The government has since implemented vigorous measures to combat and contain the virus from further spreading throughout the country. Through the collective efforts of the entire nation, the epidemic is now generally under control. For example, the number of daily new confirmed cases has been declining outside Hubei province.

XJ-Bio has more than a year's experience of supply chain planning and management with effective measures to prevent and control African swine fever (ASF). With that in mind, the company is confident that it can manage COVID-19-related supply challenges effectively. As soon as the severity of COVID-19 outbreak was recognised sometime in late January, a task force was swiftly established to analyse possible impacts to the company's supply chain and operations, with plans in place to mitigate the effects of the outbreak. These are the actions and measures taken to ensure manufacturing and supply operations continue to run as normal:

Preventive and control measures

XJ-Bio resumed work after the Chinese Spring Festival on January 31, 2020. The following measures were introduced immediately:

    1.  Sanitisation and disinfection of production facilities and equipment:

        a. Sufficient fumigation devices placed at all sites with regular application of disinfectants

        b. Face masks provided for all staff and workers

    2. Personal health monitoring:

        a. The body temperatures of all personnel are taken at the start and at the end of the workday by designated

        b. All personnel returning to work must be healthy, without any sign of fever or flu/cough

        c. All personnel must wear a face mask while at the workplace and no group meals are allowed

    3. Operations and environment:

        a. All working stations and offices are fumigated and disinfected before operation

        b. Incoming vehicles will be disinfected and sanitised, and drivers are to declare their personal health information

        c. No outsiders or visitors are allowed in XJ-Bio's premises.

Risk management, supply assurance and contingency planning

All XJ-Bio workers are based in areas surrounding the company's production plants. None of its production workers come from COVID-19 affected areas. All workers' whereabouts during the Spring Festival holiday were known and traceable. After returning to work, workers are housed in factory dormitories to reduce the risk of exposure from commuting between home and work. In addition, this ensures workers get sufficient rest so if required, they can clock extra shifts to ensure products can be produced and delivered to customers on time.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, transport logistics control between provinces and counties were put under tight control. With special approval from government authorities, XJ-Bio's logistics partners are able to operate despite the tight controls, so XJ-Bio has been able to receive raw materials domestically and deliver finished products to its export markets.

The impact of COVID-19 and related supply challenges are real, but XJ-Bio was fortunately able to anticipate and respond early to minimise disruptions. With great support from local authorities and stakeholders including business partners, the company will overcome these challenges to meet orders and demand for products, as long as it continues to receive rolling demand in advance.

XJ-Bio said, "We thank you for your trust and continuous support. We aim to fulfill your increasing demand for XJ-Bio's trace mineral nutrition products and assist you with your market expansion plans."

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