March 26, 2020


Thailand confirms no chicken egg shortage


MongkolPipatsattayanurak, Thailand's Chicken Egg Farmers and Traders chairman dismissed rumours that Thailand produced eggs will increase in price, reported Khao Sod.


The chairman said Thailand currently produces 40 million eggs daily at 2.80 THB (~US$0.085; 1 THB = US$0.031) each when supplied from farms.


He rejected baseless rumours of Thailand eggs increasing in price because it is being stockpiled for export to Singapore.


Singapore imported four million eggs from Thailand in 2017. According to Singapore's The Straits Times, Singapore recently received a shipment of 300,000 eggs from Thailand as part of its efforts to diversify import sources. Malaysia, Singapore's major source of egg imports, imposed a movement control order to stop the spread of COVID-19.


-      Khao Sod, Singapore's The Straits Times.