March 24, 2020


Cherkizovo tightens biosafety standards but assures 'sufficient' supply of meat products




Russia's largest meat producer, Cherkizovo Group, said it has tightened its biosafety standards even further, ensuring that no third party can access its production sites while the COVID-19 pandemic boils over.


Despite the hightened safeguards, Cherkizovo assured "an uninterrupted and sufficient supply of meat products to Russian consumers".


"We want to assure our customers and partners that the production and delivery volumes of our high-quality meats are going to remain completely the same," said Cherkizovo CEO Sergey Mikhailov.


Prioritising the safety of its employees, Cherkizovo has banned all international business trips and participation in any events to mitigate the risk of infection.


The number of external meetings and partner visits to offices or sites has also been kept to a minimum, and some office employees work from home. The company has likewise scaled up the disinfection measures at its office and production facilities.


Cherkizovo operates 9 poultry farms, 16 pig farms and 8 meat-processing plants throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to the Altai Territory.