March 24, 2017


Salmon firm Cermaq invests in strategic communication


Leading salmon and trout farmer Cermaq said it is investing in its communication strategy as a way to meet customers' needs.


"The [aquaculture] industry has underestimated this greatly, including Cermaq. We are proud to presents our product honestly and without filter. Cermaq has until now, acted like we had very little to say or promote. This will change", said CEO Geir Molvik.


Cermaq has been globally recognised and awarded as the "most transparent seafood company in the world" by Seafood Intelligence. Cermaq, however, said that a transparent supply chain is not just about technical facts, but also about being able to tell "how we do what we do in a clear and simple professional way so that those who do not know the industry will have a much greater understanding of it going forward".


"There is an increasing demand from consumers who focus on health that want to know where food comes from and how it has been produced. If the seafood industry is to take part in the expected growth, this issue needs to be addressed, and we will work through proactive partnerships as a way to help customers develop their business", Molvik said.


Cermaq expects the seafood category to grow significantly in North America as consumers change their diets to focus more on health, as well as taste. "This will require the whole value chain to evaluate what is required in order to meet consumer requirements for important topics such as transparency, nutrition and sustainability", Cermaq said.


Cermaq, the second-biggest salmon company in the world, has operations in Norway, Chile and Canada. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation with head office in Oslo, Norway.

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