March 24, 2016

Germany, Spain EU's leading pork exporters in 2015


Among the EU member states, Denmark has traditionally been the leading exporter of pork to third-country (non-EU) markets.


No longer; it was overtaken by both Germany and Spain last year, according to the AHDB Pork, a division of the UK's Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.


With all three countries shipping over 300,000 tonnes of pork outside the EU during the year, or 60% of EU pork exports, Germany and Spain recorded increases in non-EU sales of 23% and 30% respectively in 2015, while Danish exports rose by just 4%.


Third-country markets accounted for nearly 30% of Spanish and Danish exports but only 20% for Germany.


Overall, just less than 25% of pork exported from the 28-member trade bloc was destined for non-EU markets. This share is little changed over the last two years, despite the Russian import ban and other restrictions on sales from countries affected by African Swine Fever, such as Poland.


With EU pork consumption projected to show little growth in the years ahead, further developing third-country export sales will be crucial if production continues to rise, AHDB Pork said.


EU's total pork export in 2015 rose 11% to 1.74 million tonnes compared with that of the previous year.

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