March 23, 2016


Zhengchang introduces Extrusion Pelletizer



Zhengchang introduces SPHS Extrusion Pelletizer, a new product specifically used for sinking aquatic extruded pellet feed and special feed.


The equipment offers special advantages for shrimp and crab feed such as starch gelatinization, water stability and the removal of unwanted adhesive of feed. In addition, it adopts a screw extrusion technology which can highly improve the oil content.


The Extrusion Pelletizer follows the traditional aquatic extruder, using pelletizing device which boosts the stability of small particles feed such as 1.0mm mouth-open feed.


Due to the innovative technology of the machinery, there is no longer a need to install a vacuum system, density control system and other additional equipment in processing.

Imported bearings and the optimization of its oil system could ensure smooth, efficient and reliable operations.

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