March 23, 2016


Aviagen's Indian River association meeting in UAE




Aviagen's Indian River® has gathered strength since its last meeting in 2014, adding important grandparent customers and planning for more growth in both existing and new markets.


The attendance at the sixth association meeting in Dubai, UAE, for global Indian River customers was further testimony to the rising interest and progress that have been generated by the performance of the Indian River breeder and broiler coupled with outstanding efficiency and service from its support team, the company said.


The opening day of the Indian River meeting coincided with the first regional VIV MEA (Middle East, Africa) Show in Abu Dhabi. Guests were invited to attend and participate in the activity of a rapidly emerging market that has the highest import quantities and broadest range of per capita consumption of poultry meat in the world.


The second day commenced with an evaluation of the EW Group's commitment as the owners of Aviagen to the breeding and the global poultry industry. This led to an update of Indian River gaining momentum in target markets throughout Asia and the Middle East.


A guest speaker relayed on Indian River's evolution from an independent breeding company to being one of the key brands in Aviagen. An insight into genomics and further processing was then delivered to the group before a detailed analysis by a current manager of the World Trade Organization in agriculture demonstrated the group's influence on trade, regulatory issues, subsidies and unfair trade practices.


Agricultural economics opened the final day with comment on the impact of key global events, mergers and acquisitions, grain, and the largest poultry markets, including the EU.


The power of an economic model for nutrition was revealed at the meeting and followed by a review of Indian River field data and the tremendous agricultural productivity of the Latin America region.


The logistics and care exerted by Aviagen in delivering day-old chicks was expertly detailed by a customer service manager prior to closing comments and take-home messages for the programme.


"The association meeting is a core activity for the Indian River team and is highly anticipated by customers," said Fred Kao, Indian River's global business manager. "We share our progress and future plans with the family of customer companies in the group, seek out their perspective on all aspects of the Indian River product and service and endeavour to convey valuable business, research and performance information during the programme. Several customers have already given their appreciation of the Dubai meeting."

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