March 23, 2015


DSM's products part of innovative solutions for Asia Pacific market




At this year's VIV Asia, DSM showcased products based on the theme 'Innovation with Global Products and Local Solutions'.


Demonstrations of these products were one of the highlights at the DSM booth such as a 3D demonstration of the enzyme mode of action, iCheck demonstration and egg survey.


Equipped with their broad enzyme product range (RONOZYME®), DSM is now focusing on developing enzyme solutions catering to local needs with particular focus on raw material usage. Hence, substrates present for enzymes to act upon in monogastrics and warm water aquaculture.


According to DSM, RONOZYME® VAX is a good example of such solution. It was developed for South Asia with special consideration of the broad range of raw materials used in the region. Meanwhile, RONOZYME® ProAct proved to be a vital tool in dealing with issues like gut health, poor litter quality and welfare issues (i.e. footpad dermatitis, hock burns, cellulitis, etc) as well as improving feed costs.


RONOZYME® HiPhos, with the release of myo-inositol and its extra phosphoric effects, also plays an essential role for all life stages in poultry and swine.


Another example of DSM's local solutions is the Bright Yolk concept developed in Australia. Bright Yolk seeks to improve egg quality as end product quality remains at the forefront of DSM activities.


MaxiChick™, DSM's patented solution to boost the production of breeder flocks, is the world's first proprietary blend of vitamin D metabolite and antioxidants to benefit both parental breeders and their offspring.


In swine, a research conducted in 2013 has indicated that newly weaned pigs, fed with diets containing DSM's Rovimix Hy•D®, had significantly higher numbers of immune cells, as well as increased viability and phagocytic activity within those cells.


In ruminants, feeding eubiotics to young calves has been shown to reduce incidences of digestive upsets, especially diarrhea from E.Coli infections.


DSM also has it eyes on the aquaculture sector given that the rising demand for seafood could be met by commercial aquaculture.


As such, aqua is an important species in DSM's portfolio. The company strives to boost their solution portfolio to help optimise improvement in aqua performance, sustainability, health, product quality and profitability.


DSM believes that innovating should be done with diversity of the Asia Pacific region in mind as every market need localised solutions to meet their specific requirements.


Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions which DSM is committed to supporting its development with a continual investment in expanding their regional premix network and technical team that will drive innovation.


A day earlier, prior to VIV Asia, DSM hosted a technical forum on 'Broiler Performance and Uniformity' which was attended by about 150 participants.


Forum topics concerned integrated management approach to improve broiler breeder performance (Prof.J. Brake); early broiler nutrition (Dr. P.Langhout); vitelline membrane and antioxidants in eggs (Dr. F. Cisneros); maximising amino acid utilisation from feed ingredients (Dr. R. Perez); and effect of protease on amino acid digestibility of regional feed ingredients (Dr. S. Bootwalla).

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