March 23, 2015


Spain now world's top seafood exporter



Spain now ranks as the top exporter of canned and processed seafood in the world, with a record 157,365 tonnes valued at more than US$741 million last year, according to Juan Manuel Vieites Baptista de Sousa, the secretary general of the National Association of Canned Fish and Shellfish (ANFACO-CECOPESCA).


Galicia has been identified as the key Spanish community exporting seafood.


ANFACO-CECOPESCA noted the exporting companies together produce some US$7 billion worth of products and employ more than 25,000 workers. More than 60% of this manpower hail from Galicia, which delivers more than 30% of Spain's overall volume.


In addition, the association attributed the positive trend of seafood exports to successful business ventures into international markets. In 2014, exports of prepared and preserved fish and shellfish accounted for 46% of industry's production.


Canned tuna is revealed to be Spain's key seafood export; it dominated 67% of total volume and 74% of total value last year. This was followed by canned squid and cuttlefish, while other canned and prepared fish held the third spot.


Reputed to offer a wide range of high-quality products, Spain exports seafood to 117 countries, with EU as its main market. The bloc took up 87% of overall volume and 85% in value of Spanish seafood imports. Italy is the leading importer of such, followed by France, Portugal, Germany and the UK. 


Outside the EU, the US is the top destination for Spanish seafood.


Towards the future, Spain's food industry is expected to maintain its competitive edge via the new Advanced Technology Research Centre for Marine and Food Industry, according to ANFACO-CECOPESCA.

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