March 22, 2024

China Calcium Phosphate: Higher costs lift prices (week ended Mar 18, 2024)

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Demand for calcium phosphate was stable as feed producers restocked depleting inventories. As sulphury acid costs moved higher, calcium phosphate producers lifted prices to sustain profit margins.

Export prices of high-grade calcium phosphate were higher at US$0.40/kg while prices of second-tier products increased to US$0.39/kg. Monocalcium phosphate export prices strengthened US$0.58/kg.

Locally, prices of higher-grade calcium phosphate were  climbed to the range of RMB2.84-2.87/kg. Lower grade products prices rose to RMB2.80/kg.

Meanwhile, monocalcium phosphate transact prices climbed to RMB4.16/kg.

Calcium phosphate producers will stand firm on prices amid rising output costs. Nonetheless, with feed producers staying cautious, the upward scope of the market will be limited.

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