March 22, 2021


China cracks down on leanness-enhancing agents used in livestock


China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said it will crack down on farmers using leanness-enhancing agents in cattle, sheep, and swine to safeguard the quality and safety of livestock products, Reuters reported.


The three month long operation will emphasize the use of clenbuterol in cattle and sheep, which is a banned substance. The ministry also called on local authorities to monitor its possible use in swine.


Farmers use clenbuterol to promote growth and muscle leanness. The product is banned in China and many other countries because it poses a risk to human health.


The ministry said it will conduct an investigation on the use of clenbuterol in sheep farms, following a state television report of the drug being used in a key sheep production region.


The ministry also said it is working together with other government departments for the investigations and harshly punish illegal activities related to the use of leanness-enhancing agents.


- Reuters