March 22, 2017
VIV Asia 2017: Special programme gives Chinese visitors a better experience

As a major agribusiness trade show in Asia, VIV Asia 2017 strategically fashions itself to deal with the growing food sector in the region.

The market's expansion reflects the burgeoning middle class populations in Asia as higher incomes enable people to increase their consumption of protein in the region.
Internationally, the show - which happened on March 15-17 in Bangkok, Thailand - recognises China as a significantly vital market to future growths and this sentiment is clearly demonstrated through the "Welcome China" programme for executives from top Chinese animal protein companies.
"China is a large player in our industry, gaining more and more importance especially in this region," Anneke van Rooijen, the coordinator of the programme, said. "It brings a substantial number of exhibitors as well as visitors to the VIV Asia show. In 2015, China was the fourth-largest source of visitors from outside Thailand, which was already a fantastic achievement."

Organisers ensure that these visitors get the best out of VIV Asia by holding a Chinese-language seminar in the BITEC convention centre, offering hotel assistance in Bangkok, and providing priority badges for the show, along with access to an exclusive meeting room.

"We want to reach out to important company leaders in China with a programme designed to meet their particular needs. The result is what we call our Welcome China programme," van Rooijen added.
The initiative attracted the attendance of around 40 executives from medium-sized and large pig production companies, along with staff from 20 feed manufacturers and the China Dairy Association. The delegates were able to meet with directors of Thailand's feed mill association.
One of the crucial aspects of Welcome China is to overcome the language barrier. "To really help our visitors from China, we needed to offer something in their own language," van Rooijen remarked. "For example, in addition to adding a Chinese section to the VIV Asia website, when delegates from China arrive at the show, they will find a leaflet in their language providing them with practical on-site information to assist their visit."
Chinese visitors, accompanied by interpreters, were also given a tour of the VIV Asia show, and escorted to booths of nominated suppliers based on the delegates' requests. Additionally, on the event's second day, the visitors enjoyed a cocktail reception cum networking session. As VIV Asia entered its final day, the Chinese delegates participated in business tours to visit production sites and meet agribusiness personnels.

Prior to the event, VIV Asia's organisers promoted the Welcome China programme in China through cross-platform messaging app WeChat.

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