March 20, 2023


Aviagen East Africa delivers first parent stock chick shipment




In recent months, Aviagen® East Africa delivered its first shipment of Ross® Parent Stock (PS) to Biyinzika Poultry International in Uganda and Harsho Milling Company Limited in Tanzania.


Aviagen delivered the first PS chicks to both customers by truck, which significantly reduced the logistical times due to the birds coming from a local production facility rather than the company's European facilities. This plays a major role in achieving Aviagen's sustainability goals and enhancing its welfare standards.


Harsho Milling Company is a newly established company in Tanzania who have just placed its first flock of Ross 308. "This is our first shipment of Ross 308 Parent Stock," said Dr. Felician Tarimo, designation veterinarian at Harsho Milling Company Limited. "We are very satisfied with the local customer service that we have received from Aviagen East Africa Limited to enable us to manage the first PS placement. We are confident that we will get the best out of our flocks with the support of the Aviagen East Africa team. We hope to achieve impressive breeder results like we have seen in the field with other companies."


Biyinzika Poultry International was founded in 1990 and is the leader in the production and sale of day-old chicks (DOC) and specialised poultry feed in Uganda. The company has more than 30 outlets across the country and produces approximately 200,000 DOC per week.


Martin Ndengu, production director of Biyinzika Poultry International, said: "Our first shipment from the new, local facility, Aviagen East Africa went extremely well. I visited the brand new state-of-the�art facilities before they started production and I was fully confident that we were getting even better quality from the local production facilities than we previously received. The delivery highlighted that this was indeed true, as we received extremely good quality chicks. The Ross 308 has proven to be the best breed for our operation and for our customers due to it being more tolerant towards the changing environmental conditions that we face in Uganda. We are achieving impressive breeder results with the Ross 308 with more chicks per hen housed compared to competitive breeds. We look forward to working with the Aviagen East Africa team in the future to ensure that the Ross 308 continues to be the preferred breed of choice in the Ugandan market."


William Opiyo, commercial and technical manager at Aviagen East Africa, said: "We are proud of our modern facilities and look forward to supplying the Ross 308 breed to our long-term, loyal customers, and, of course, potential new customers. Aviagen is well-known for superior genetics and customer support worldwide and our customers in the East African region choose the Ross 308 in order to receive the best quality PS chicks and achieve excellent breeder and broiler results, with the best local customer service.


- Aviagen

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