March 20, 2017


Chile allots US$9M for 2017 fishery, aquaculture research projects


Chile will invest this year nearly 6 billion Chilean pesos (US$9.06 million) for its annual sectoral research programme, which includes new 70 research projects, of which 35 are associated with aquaculture and 25 with fisheries, the Office of the Undersecretary of Fishery and Aquaculture (Subpesca) said recently.


The undertaker of the research programme-the Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Fund, or Fipa-highlighted the programme's research projects aimed at national aquaculture, such as "updating its national policy, detecting new areas for its development, a study on animal welfare, organic aquaculture and a review of evolution and prospects of oyster cultivation.".


Luis Carroza, Fipa executive director, said the research will also cover new areas of studies that began last year on small-scale aquaculture and its relationship to management areas.


In fisheries, research projects to be undertaken are related to coastal fish and emblematic benthic resources such as clam, as well as projects oriented to productive development, studies on value added in algal resources, and studies on export-oriented processing plants, among others.


In February, the public bidding process for the first eight research projects under Fipa 2017 began. With a total budget of CLP710 million ($1.072 million), the projects include an update of the National Policy of Aquaculture, studies on crustacean fisheries, studies on algae in the north, a health study in aquaculture, and a historical evaluation of the industrial oyster of the north.-Rick Alberto

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