March 19, 2015


Japanese firms eye poultry joint ventures in India



With its poultry export trade flagging, India is looking to Japan, one of the world's biggest poultry importers, to boost international orders.


In fact, Japanese companies had expressed interest in joint ventures with Indian partners in the processing and exportation of poultry products into Japan during a visit to India by a delegation led by Mayekawa Manufacturing, which fabricates cooling and freezing systems.


According to Mayekawa's chairman, Yoshiro Tanaka, the delegation comprised 24 Japanese companies which may invest US$9 billion in India's food-processing sector.


India's usual export markets are Oman, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Afghanistan, the Economic Times of India reported.


Japan mainly imports from the US, China, Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines, bringing in deliveries of 880,000 tonnes yearly.

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